Module Language Competence, Media and Communication Computer Science (Bachelor) (ER 4)

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Module summary

Language Competence


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Holger Vogelsang

4 ECTS points / 4 Contact hours

1st Semester



The learning of a foreign language is an integral component of the in the course of studies communicated key qualification.

Individual exams
Course Foreign Languages



Mehrere Dozenten



Written Exam 120 Min. (graded)

After a grading test students can deepen their English skills to three grades. The entry level requires the competence grade A2 (basic user) in the six-stage common European reference framework. The first two grades (English for advanced learners 1 and 2) engage besides a recapitulation of grammar mainly in issues of job-oriented common language and cultural studies, e.g. job application letters, descriptions of products and services, business telephone calls, progress of formal and informal conferences, presentations etc. The thus achieved grade complies with 173 points in the TOEFL (computer-based) or the competence grade B2 (independent user) of the European reference framework. In the following grade special language skills (English for science and technics) are leant: In business English the priority is on spoken language and small study groups. At the beginning of the semester each group founds its own company which advances dynamically during the course of the semester. At the same time vocabulary and phrasing in respect of topics like company structures, meetings, negotiation, marketing, production and sale, finances, comprehending of reports and presentations are gone through in order to make the attendees handle the language instruments to cope with each step of the simulation in English. The highlights of the course are a simulated exhibition, a hiring procedure and the group presentation. In technical English the priority is on the learning and practice of a technical basis vocabulary and typical expressions of technical communication.

Literature depends on grade, PowerPoint presentations, execises, Videos, DVDs

Lecture participation, short talks, discussions