Module Software Laboratory, Media and Communication Computer Science (Bachelor) (ER 2)

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Module summary

Software Laboratory


Prof. Dr. Martin Sulzmann

5 ECTS points / 4 Contact hours

2nd Semester

Computer Science 1


The students learn to apply the theoretical knowledge of "Informatik 2” using the programming language C++. They have design and implement projects with an increasing level of difficulty. The main topics are:

  • Practicing object oriented programming techniques
  • Preferring abstractions over concrete implementations
  • Modeling class and package diagrams before starting an implementation
  • Code quality assurance by writing automated tests
  • Teamwork

Individual exams
Course Software Laboratory



Prof. Dr. Martin Sulzmann
Prof. Dr. Christian Pape
Prof. Dr. Heiko Körner



Laboratory Work 1 Semester (not graded)

The students implement projects with an increasing complexity in C++. They have to use generic classes, inheritance, polymorphism, abstract classes and interfaces and concepts for error handling and detection like exceptions and assertions. Additionally they will learn to use elements of the STL and to model the classes and their relationships with UML.

On the homepage: Project description with a step-by-step instruction, Java script, optional exercise with solutions, books:

  • Ulrich Breymann, C++ - Einführung und professionelle Programmierung, Hanser-Verlag

Laboratory work