Module Thesis, Media Computer Science (Bachelor) (ER 5)

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Prof. Dr. Heiko Körner

12 ECTS points / 0 Contact hours

7th Semester

Final Examination, System Software, Business Administration and IT Service Management, Computer Graphics and Computer Vision, Databases and Communication Networks 1, Databases and Communication Networks 2, Computer Science 1, Computer Science 2, Communication Competence, Mathematics 1, Mathematics 2, Media Design, Media Project, Embedded Software, Computer Engineering, Man Machine Communication 1, Man Machine Communication 2, Internship, Internship Preparation and Roundup, Student Research Project, Key Qualification, Software Engineering and Distributed Systems 2, Software Project, Language Competence, Technologies of the Internet, Scientific Working

Module Internship

During the thesis phase the individual will demonstrate that s/he has the basic knowledge and ability to solve a complex practical problem or work on a research project in a specific timeframe using the scientific method, research in the specific field of interest. The student will be required to structure the problem, conduct the research, and develop a solution using PERT principles. The student will be required to orally present and defend the results.

Individual exams
Course Thesis



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Bachelor Thesis 4 Months (graded)

The thesis may address any subject within the field of computer science and will be defined by the subject agreed upon by the student and the advisor.

All work will be individual work and will include basic literature research, system analysis, coding, documentation, and oral presentation.