Module Student Research Project, Media Computer Science (Bachelor) (ER 5)

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Module summary

Student Research Project


Prof. Dr. Heiko Körner

5 ECTS points / 4 Contact hours

5th Semester



The students gain the ability to elaborate an individual solution of a clearly defined design requirement. In addition to the practical work the students will develop a documentation which clearly defines their individual work. The students will demonstrate the ability to present resultant work in a colloquial setting.

Individual exams
Course Student Research Projekt


Practical work

Alle Dozenten



Homework 1 Semester (not graded)

The project will require individual work to solve problems in both the software and hardware arenas. Normally the work will be comprised of a practical problem, but instead may include software or hardware evaluation or literature research.
The student will prepare a final documentation for the project. The format, content, size, etc. will be determined by the project advisor depending upon the requirements set forth in the initial project. The project is concluded by a colloquium in which the student will defend his work.

All work will be individual work and will include basic literature research, system analysis, coding, documentation, and oral presentation.

Course Student Research Projekt Colloquium


Practical work

Alle Dozenten



Verbal Exam 20 Min. (graded)

The colloquium is the final step in completing the project work. The colloquium will include a description of the project, the work conducted and the final solution.

All work will be individual work and will include the presentation, discussion, defense of the work.