Module summary
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Pre-requisites with regard to content: none
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Basic study period

The internship is designed to deepen the previously acquired knowledge and skills by qualified collaboration in a larger project. The focus is on improving the technical competence and the development of social and personal skills. The student needs to assert himself as an independent member of the team. He becomes acquainted with new fields of duty and will become familiar with new tools. He learns to evolve himself and to assess his skills. The internship may be pursued in a company, in a research facility or an authority.

Individual exams
Course: Internship
Internal number: MINB4PX14 Type/mode: On the job (extern)
Prof. Dr. Thomas Fuchß
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Credits (ECTS): 24 Contact hours: 0
Workload: 720 hours (0 hours presence, 720 hours self-contained work) Assessment: Hands-on Work 95 Days (not graded)

The project must include at least 95 days presence and a relevantly application in computer science using modern technologies. There are to create an internship report and an experience report. The supervising company grants a work certificate. By the university of applied sciences each student is assigned a mentor. The task of the mentor is to monitor the quality of training detail.

Recommended reading:

The material depends on the task and is made available by the supervising company.


Participation in a larger project