Module Final Examination, Media Computer Science (Bachelor) (ER 4)
Module summary

Final Examination


Prof. Dr. Heiko Körner

3 ECTS points / 0 Contact hours

7th Semester

System Software, Student Research Project, Language Competence, Software Engineering and Distributed Systems 2, Computer Science 1, Scientific Working, Media Project, Software Project, Man Machine Communication 1, Computer Engineering, Computer Graphics and Computer Vision, Technologies of the Internet, Media Design, Man Machine Communication 2, Communication Competence, Mathematics 2, Internship, Key Qualification, Mathematics 1, Databases and Communication Networks 2, Databases and Communication Networks 1, Computer Science 2, Internship Preparation and Roundup, Embedded Software, Thesis, Business Administration and IT Service Management

Module Internship

The students are able to present their work and the results gained in front of a skilled audience. The students show  students their abilities to apply interdisciplinary knowledge to a given problem.

Individual exams
Course Final examination



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Verbal Exam 20 Min. (not graded)

The student has to apply different fields of computer science to find a solution for a given problem.