Module Key Qualification, Media Computer Science (Bachelor) (ER 3)

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Module summary

Key Qualification


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Holger Vogelsang

6 ECTS points / 6 Contact hours

6th Semester

Language Competence

Module Internship

The job marked has an increased demand for graduates with certain key skills. In the context of globalization the most important skills are the ability to communicate with people of other culture groups and basic knowledge of laws to write contract documents. The third important capability the students will learn is a good self-manifestation to present their work results in an optimal manner.

Individual exams
Course Intercultural Communication



Prof. Dr. Andrea Cnyrim



Exercise 1 Semester (not graded)

  • Central aspects of intercultural communication (e.g. cultural determined standards, behaviors, values, verbal and non verbal communication) with special interest in differences between object oriented cultures such as Germany and relationship-oriented cultures such as China and India
  • Influence of different cultural standards on international business relations (e.g. Business preparation, negotiations, personnel management, decision making, conflict resolution etc.)
  • Empirical investigations (e.g. Geert Hofstede, Fons, Trompenaars etc.)
  • Case studies from different cultural areas (e.g. Germany, France, the USA, Japan, China, India etc.)

PowerPoint slides, exercises, continuative information on the Web side of this lecture

Lectures and practical exercises
Course Law



RA Karin Bähr



Written Exam 90 Min. (graded)

  • Introduction to the right
  • That "Bürgerliches Gesetzbuch” (BGB)
  • The "Handelsgesetzbuch” (HGB)
  • The judicial procedure

Lecture participation, lecture preparation, exam preparation
Course Presentation techniques



Dr. Martin Holzer



Verbal Exam 20 Min. (graded)

To exist in the political, social, economical and cultural living nowadays the students must be able to held speeches and to participate in discussions without stoppages. This seminar shows how to express oneself independently of a concrete text.

PowerPoint slides

Lectures and practical exercises