Module Mathematics 1, Media Computer Science (Bachelor) (ER 3)

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Module summary

Mathematics 1


Prof. Dr. Frank Schaefer

8 ECTS points / 6 Contact hours

1st Semester



Participants learn the mathematical basics from linear algebra, which are often used in computer science. These basics are specifially needed in computer graphics, robotic, cryptography.

Individual exams
Course Mathematics 1



Prof. Dr. Frank Schaefer



Written Exam 90 Min. (graded)

The participants should learn basic knowledge of mathematics and especially of linear algebra and acquire the methods to solve smaller mathematical tasks by themselves. In the part on linear algebra we will focus on knowledge needed in computer grafic and 3D simulations.

Content of the lectures: Proof methods, relations, euqivalence relations, modulo-calculation, Euklid's algorithm, functions, operations, groups, rings, fields, polynomial rings, finite fields, interpolation, vector spaces, basis, dimension, linear equations, rank, Gauß-Jordan-algorithm, determinant, matrices, linear map, inverse matrices, rotation, translation, scaling, scalarproduct, norm, vectorproduct, orthogonal matrizen, eigenvalues, eigenvectors, homogeneous coordinates.

Own writings from the blackboard,
Exercises and summaries from the internet,
Textbook: Peter Stingl: Mathematik für Fachhochschulen, Hanser Verlag, 8. Auflage, 2009, ISBN-10: 3-446-42065-7

Summary of the solutions in the lecture,
Tutorials for further assistance

Course Mathematics 1 Laboratory



Prof. Dr. Frank Schaefer



Exercise 1 Semester (not graded)

Improving the knowledge of the related lectures,
basics in computer-algebra systems, mathematical problem solving with computer assistance.

With the help of the computer algebra system Maple different, applied mathematical questions from the fields of geometry, curves, interpolation and linear equations will be solved. It will be focussed on matrices and homogenous coordinates, which are an important foundation for computer grafic.

Short introduction will be given. Exercises distributed in the classes and also
available on the internet.

Exercises in the labs with Maple (instructor will be present).