Module Final examination, Bachelor Course Media Computer Science (ER 2)
Module summary

Final examination


Prof. Dr. Albrecht Ditzinger

3 ECTS points / 0 Contact hours

7th Semester


Module Internship

The students are able to present their work and the results gained in front of a skilled audience. The students show  students their abilities to apply interdisciplinary knowledge to a given problem.

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Course Final examination



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Verbal Exam 20 Min. (not graded)

An MMC-task which is standard practice is designed starting from task analysis up to the paper prototype. This prototype is subject - possibly over several iterations - of a usability test until the specified quality targets are reached.

Script, eye-tracker and user monitoring space in the Usability Lab Textbooks:

  • "GUI Design Essentials " von Susan Weinschenk, Pamela Jamar, Sarah C. Yeo, Verlag John Wiley & Sons, 1997, ISBN: 0471175498

Supervised group work with presentation and discussion; test the usability of the prototype, prepare a test report with proposals for improvements.