Module Internship Preparation and Roundup, Media Computer Science (Bachelor) (ER 2)

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Module summary

Internship Preparation and Roundup


Prof. Dr. Heiko Körner

6 ECTS points / 4 Contact hours

4th Semester

Computer Science 1

Basic study period

The students improve their vocational skills which are also important for the internship. Topics include managing projects, time and cost planning. The students will lean how to use standard software like the MS-Office products for evaluating calculations and presenting them attractively. In addition to that, macro skripts will be taught to solve recurring problems.

Individual exams
Course Internship Preparation



Dr. Martin Holzer
B.Sc. Veit Richter



Exercise 1 Week (not graded)

This course deals with the general handling of MS Office products and gives specifically an introduction to the main functions of MS-Excel. Topics include input methods, formulas, chart depictions and search functions. Basic knowledge about the programming in VBA are also taught. These methods will also be used for macro skripts in MS-Word.

Afterwards, the students have learned how to solve typicals problems efficiently with these today's standard programs.

MS-PowerPoint slides, an accompanying script for reference, exercises.

The course consists of of a lecture (50%) and supervised, practical exercises (50%).

Course Internship Roundup



Prof. Dr. Heiko Körner
Dipl. WiInf. Lars Thoralf Thielemann



Exercise 1 Week (not graded)

This course aims to systematically reflect the internship done by each student and especially to advise them with their written assignments to be submitted. To this end, we will discuss the entire process of scientific writing, address each particular step in more detail, and deduce general guidelines towards a smooth implementation into practice. Furthermore, this course provides a thorough introduction to the use of LaTeX, a typesetting system widespread throughout the scientific community.

  • Slides provided by lecturer, individual notes taken by students
  • General literature on scientific writing (e.g., "Writing scientific English" by Tim Skerns)
  • General literature / online tutorials on the LaTeX typesetting system

Students are expected to attend this course regularly and to actively take part in discussions and practical lab exercises. To pass this course, they must further submit their written assignment by the end of the course (meeting the demands specified by the lecturer in the first session).