Module Management Competence, INFM (ER 6)Module Management Competence, Master Course Computer Science (ER 6)

Module summary
Module name:
Internal number:
Pre-requisites with regard to content: none
Pre-requisites according to the examination regulations:

In this module the students acquire advanced skills to lead projects with budget and personnel responsibility. Special consideration will be the management of computer science departments or data centers. They are both key skills, as well as practical knowledge in their application in accordance with the standards.

There are both key skills as well as the practical implementation of skills in accordance to best practice standards.

Written Exam 120 Min. (graded)
Course: IT Project Management
Internal number: INFM141.a Type/mode: Lecture
Prof. Dr. Uwe Haneke
Language of instruction:
Credits (ECTS): 3 Contact hours: 2
Assessment: Module exam
The lecture will focus on practice oriented project management and highlight special topics like risk or quality management within the context of project management
  • Agile project management
  • Requirements specification in IT-projects
  • Special aspects of network planning in IT-projects
  • Risk management
  • Keeping informed: reporting systems in IT-projects
  • Quality management
Recommended reading:
PowerPoint slides, exercise-sheets, case-studies, continuative information on the web-site and in the ILIAS-eLearning-system.
Comments: Lecture with exercises and case studies; eLearning module for the preparation of the course
Course: IT Service Management
Internal number: INFM141.b Type/mode: Lecture
Prof. Dr. rer. pol. Mathias Philipp
Language of instruction:
Credits (ECTS): 2 Contact hours: 2
Assessment: Module exam

Die Vorlesung gliedert sich in die lebenszyklus orientierten Kapitel:
- Grundlagen Entrepreneurship
- Geschäftsmodell, Geschäftsplanung und unterneherische Handlungsstrategien
- Gründungsprozess, Rechtsformen und Rechtsformenvergleich
- Businessplan und Finanzierungsarten
- Wachstumsmanagement und Unternehmensentwicklung
- Unternehmensverkauf

Die Studenten sollen unternehmerische Denken und Handeln von der Entwicklung einer Geschäftsidee über die Gründung eines Unternehmens bis zum Verkauf erlernen.

Recommended reading:

Lecture material completely on eLearning platform ILIAS and as pdf documents available, blackboard notes for interactive development of central problem positions, LARS-promoted web based training tool for specific preparations and rework of the lectures with multiple choice questions for every process). All together about 160 questions.

List of Acronyms and Glossary of Terms, MindMaps for all processes and the complete lecture.


Teilnahme am seminaristischen Unterricht.

Übungen zum Erstellung eines Geschäftsplans, steuerrechtlich korrekten Fakturierung und Auswah der richtigen Gesellschaftsform.

Course: Leadership Training
Internal number: INFM142 Type/mode: Project lecture
Dipl. Inform. (FH) Klaus-Dieter Hüttel
Language of instruction:
Credits (ECTS): 2 Contact hours: 2
Assessment: Exercise 1 Semester (not graded)
Boundary conditions and expectations of communication are developed in intense discussion. Strategies and tactics for discussions and the management of critical situations are trained.
Recommended reading:
Blackboard and whiteboard-poster
Comments: Seminary lecture, block course after the end of the term