Module Student Research Project 1, Computer Science (Master) (ER 5)
Module summary

Student Research Project 1


Prof. Dr. Peter Henning

4 ECTS points / 3 Contact hours

1st Semester



In this module, students acquire skills in scientific and/or project based work under close guidance by a professor. The scientific problem or application project is studied continuously throughout the whole term.

Individual exams
Course Project based scientific Project 1


Practical work

Alle Professoren



Hands-on Work 1 Semester (graded)

Problems and projects may be opened by every faculty member, they are advertized on the message board at the beginning of the term.

Scientific research problems usually are at the leading edge of computer science research and may be carried out in cooperation with research institutions.

Application projects are of particular relevance for the industrial practice and may be carried out in cooperation with an industrial partner.

According to project requirements.

Prerequisites According to project requirements. Format Presence time and group discussion 30 %, self study 70 %. Oral exam 30 Minutes Counseling In general, a weekly project session involving the whole team is scheduled. The counseling amounts to at least one hour per week and student.