Module Computer Graphics with Laboratory, Bachelor Course Computer Science (ER 5)
Module summary

Computer Graphics with Laboratory


Prof. Dr. Peter Henning

4 ECTS points / 3 Contact hours

6th Semester

Distributed Systems 1 and Theoretical Computer Science 2

Module Internship

Visual cognition and its creation through modern computer graphics are understood in basic theoretical details as well as in practice.

Individual exams
Course Computer Graphics



Prof. Dr. Peter Henning



Written Exam 90 Min. (graded)

Coordinate systemy and their transformations, models and their projection, transformation pipeline. Light and color, color models in computer graphics, coding of colors and brightness, lighting and shading models, visual realism, non-photorealistic rendering. Graphics processors, displays and human interface devices

Powerpoint transparencies in lecture, electronic whiteboard stored on the ILIAS Server, electronic learning modules as additional material. Book:

Henning, Taschenbuch Multimedia.

Further literature list at beginning of course.

Participation in the lecture and in online tests
Course Computer Graphics Laboratory



Prof. Dr. Peter Henning



Exercise 1 Semester (not graded)

Graphical primitives, polygonalmodels, transformations. Coloring, lighting and textures. Animation through sensors and interpolators.

Elements of OpenGL: Vertices, polygons, transformation matrices. Lighting and textures

Material from the lecture

Presence required, solution of lab problems