Student Issues

Student Projects, Bachelor and Master Thesis

For our students, we offer project and seminar topics as well as thesis projects that are related to our research topics. Some of them are carried out in the »Machine Learning Lab (LfM). If you are interested, please contact »us.

Thesis seminar: Every second week, the students whose theses we supervise meet to exchange ideas, brainstorm and discuss.

Selected Student Projects


Projektarbeit SS 20:
Robin Baumann

Prof. Dr. Astrid Laubenheimer


Projektarbeit WS 18/19:
Alexander Melde, M.Sc.
Jonas Harlacher

Prof. Dr. Astrid Laubenheimer

Student Talks

The ISRG organizes student talks on specific topics at irregular intervals. The aim of these talks is to give students the opportunity to present their scientific work in front of a broad audience made up of other students, business people and scientists.

Career: HiWi and PHD-Positions

We are frequently offering HiWi positions in our group to support us in our projects. If you are interested, please contact »Anita Bender.

From time to time we also have vacancies for research assistants / PHDs. If you are interested, please contact isrg[@]


The group members offer several lectures and labs at the Hochschule Karlsruhe, thereunder:

  • Mathematics
  • Automation
  • Computer Vision
  • Machine Learning and Optimization

For details see the personal websites of the »group members.