PACE 3D is a massive software package for large 3D parallel simulations and data analysis of microstructure formation including various effects such as fluid flow, stress and strain, diffusion of multiple components and magnetism.
The package contains:

  • preprocessing tools for data preparation, for configuration of computations and domain fillings
  • simulation for numerically solving the coupled set of nonlinear evolution equations including parallel and adaptive grid methods as well as memory and computation time optimizations
  • post processing tools for data analysis and high quality visualisation

Technical Backgrounds and Highlights of the PACE3D

Features of the software:

  • Implementation in C, C++ under a Linux enviroment
  • Contains pre- and postprocessing tools
  • Simulation tool which can solve various problems:
    • Phase-field model for microstructure formations
    • Navier-Stokes equation and also a Lattice Boltzmann Solver for fluid flows
    • Elasticity
  • Simulation can be performed sequentially or parallely using MPI
  • Simulation in time is done using explicit time-stepping methods
  • Spatial simulation is done using a staggered grid and finite differences, SSOR-Methods

Code developers:

Michael Selzer
Frank Wendler
Britta Nestler
Ali Aksi
Markus Jainta
Mathias Reichardt